Thursday, July 17, 2014

How To Learn Your Lines

How I learn my lines is I write them down over and over while looking at the lines then I write the lines down without looking at the lines then I practice saying the lines out loud and putting acting with the lines and finding out how I want to act it out. It works for me so this learning your lines technique might work for you. You can also use this technique on working on monologues.
How To Become A Actor Or Actress

First thing you need is a headshot and resume. A headshot is a professional looking picture of you. A resume is something that has your contact information, your name and the names of the movies plays or shows you've been in and you also put on your resume your skills and training. Like what else you can do besides acting and if you've went to any acting schools you put that on your resume.

Second step is to start auditioning. Go to auditions. The more you audition the more you get movie or theater roles the more you'll get noticed and the more work you'll get. You can also go to acting school because there's a lot of good information on acting that they can teach you but you don't have to go to acting school to become a actor.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hi Im Keri Frazier and Im a actress singer. This is my blog. I'll be posting things about acting, music and my books.